Kids Cooking with Miguel on Demand

2 min
12 August 2021

🌿 Download ingredients list and pick up everything you need.
📝 Find copies of the recipes, including ingredients list, equipment list, and steps, below. Have these handy in case you miss a step along the way

On the day:
⌚ On the day, 45 minutes before, preheat the oven to 200C fan-forced.
🍠 30 mins before, poke a few holes in the unpeeled sweet potato with a fork, and then bake on oven rack. More information in the recipe links below.
🌿 Have ingredients measured, chopped & ready to go. Download ingredients here.
📝 Have the recipe handy (link below) in case you miss a step along the way.
💻 Cook along ON DEMAND in the video link on this page, or on Stockland's YouTube channel at
📸 Take photos along the way, and share them on social #StocklandFood

✋ Parents / adults must do the cooking and hot activities.
👪 Adults, this event must be actively supervised and managed by you. As the parent or adult, you must decide which tasks are appropriate for your child’s motor skills and maturity. Our advice is children can help with food preparation on the counter or table. All hot activities (oven, boiling water, pan-frying etc.) must be undertaken by the adult.
♨ Kids, please be extra careful in the kitchen. Follow safety and hygiene rules as best you can. Be especially careful when you handle a knife or when you're anywhere near anything hot (stove tops, ovens, grills, etc.). Always make sure an adult is supervising you in the kitchen.