Each year as part of the CARE Grants Program, Stockland donates over $285,000 to local organisations, supporting local community building initiatives across our Retirement Living Villages, Residential Communities and Shopping Centres. Since the program began in 2014, we have been able to support our communities by donating over $2 million to more than 2,000 local groups around Australia.

13 August 2021

Mark Grundy Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Group Incorporated (OCAGI) is a well-deserved recipient of this $1,000 grant in 2021! Locally run and established since 2012, OCAGI has three main goals. 

The first is to raise awareness of oesophageal cancer to help increase early detection and improve survival rates. Founder and Campbelltown local, Polly Grundy, started OCAGI in 2012 after losing her husband Mark to the disease. She says that for Mark, symptoms of his cancer were misdiagnosed as indigestion and heartburn, which lost him critical time early on. OCAGI maintains their website providing up to date, detailed information about oesophageal cancer.  

Secondly, they aim to make a difference to patients by providing information and support to those diagnosed and their families. They have phone support services and host monthly support meetings for those affected, which have been able to continue online during COVID. 

OCAGI also aims to raise funds to contribute to scientific research. In recent years, this has been by way of donations received as well as hosting major fundraising dinners. In conjunction with Western Sydney University, OCAGI now sponsors a PhD grant for a student whose focus is targeted on oesophageal cancer research. The grant fully funds the PhD of the student and is worth $39,000. OCAGI aims to be able to sponsor the PhD annually.

OCAGI plan to use their $1,000 grant to fund a trained support person to conduct their group sessions as well as continue to pay for their phone line for support.

Despite the impact of COVID, OCAGI have been able to continue their support services to benefit patients and families. Support is so important after an oesophageal cancer diagnosis, especially with the limited information available.   

We can’t wait to hear more about the upcoming achievements of OCAGI and how the $1,000 CARE grant makes a difference in 2021! Congratulations to all the winners across our Retirement, Residential and Retail communities around Australia this year.


To learn more about this incredible organisation, head to their website here.