27 April 2023   

2 min read
To celebrate Stockland Aura’s 7th birthday, we caught up with Aura local and real estate executive Samuel Hoy, to find out why he loved building a new home in the Nirimba community.

Name: Samuel Hoy
Where you live: Nirimba
How long have you lived in Aura: 2 years
Occupation: Real Estate

1. What do you love most about the Aura community?
The amount of parks, connectivity and community facilities...and it's only getting better.

2. What’s your favourite Aura business to visit and why?

Mummy's Cafe, Great location, friendly staff and amazing food and drinks.

3. What did you love about building a brand new home in Aura?
The excitement of watching our new home get constructed through all stages of the construction cycle.

4. What would you recommend to a friend looking to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon in Aura?
Visit one of the local restaurants/brewery (they're all great) or one of the local parks with BBQs.

5. Choose 7 words to describe life in Aura.
Transforming, Community, Friendly, Progression, Activities, Neighbours, Relaxed.

6. If you could ask anyone 7 questions, who would it be?
Bobby O’Hara

7. What words of advice would you give your 7-year-old self?
Be kind and respectful to everyone - you don't know what others are going through.