To celebrate Stockland Aura’s 7th birthday, we caught up with Aura local and President of the Baringa State Secondary College P&C, to find out why she loves being part of the Aura community.

2 min
04 May 2023

Name: Kristy Taylor-Rose
Suburb: Baringa
How long have you lived in Aura: 4 years and 4 months
Occupation: Just moved into the role of Community Engagement Manager, originally National Repairs Manager, occasional ironing lady for a couple of people in the Aura community as well as President of the Baringa State Secondary College P&C.

1. What do you love most about the Aura community?
We have been here for 4 years and I have become more involved in the Aura community than my past community. I have met some wonderful people and this has increased my community involvement. The fact I can work from home with my employer Emergency Trade Services and be here when the children leave and get home from school is great, and the days that I have zoom breakfast meetings I can go to the local coffee shop and I know it’s not far from home. When I am to meet up with trades or clients they can come to me in Aura and we can met up at the local businesses and have a catch up. I can also purchase my clients gifts from the IGA, everything is close and convenient and getting more convenient as the months go on. One of the personal things I love about living in Aura is that my parents moved here 6 weeks ago and we found them a lovely home in Nirimba (thank you Tyler McCready LJ Hooker), a big move and it’s great to have family here.

2. What’s your favourite Aura business to visit and why?
I have a couple favourite businesses in Aura -
World Gym Caloundra – We recently joined a month ago to help my children with their fitness goals and due to their age of under 16 I too had to join. It has been really great to do something together that we all enjoy and I love seeing their little muscles grow. I was worried at first of the “gym” stigma but have not found that at all at World Gym.
Rhythm Espresso – Murray and Kathy and their team are always very welcoming and make me smile with every visit.
John Wallace Swim School – My daughter swam there and learnt a lot and now they are offering adult squad classes which I am excited about.

3. What did you love about building a brand new home in Aura?
The thought of having our own home that we designed and it’s not a cookie cutter style. It stands out and we love it. The closeness of the schools for the children and their ability to ride to and from school on the awesome bike tracks.

4. What would you recommend to a friend looking to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon in Aura?
There are a few options to do here in Aura – from a get together at the local park and letting the kids play and/or dogs run around in the dog park to a coldie at the local tavern or Brouhaha or if it is not coldie time then a coffee at Izba Espresso, Hello Local or Mummy’s Cafe.

5. Choose 7 words to describe life in Aura.
Community, bike paths, developing, thriving, dogs, convenient, family.

6. If you could ask anyone 7 questions, who would it be?
It would have to the singer with the biggest…hair…Dolly Parton – every week you will hear her tunes playing in our home. I would love to ask her how she got to where she is, what she overcame and what was/is her drive.

7. What words of advice would you give your 7-year-old self?
Enjoy being a kid, don’t let the small things worry you, be yourself and don’t care what others think. Think of small jobs to do to earn money and save and then invest in mobile phones, computers etc. Study and become a Policewoman regardless of hurdles to get into it. Continue having a big heart and be kind. Play sport like AFL, Cricket and Rugby League that was for the boys only and play with the boys and help build the gender equality.