To celebrate Stockland Aura’s 7th birthday, we caught up with local pastor and owner of Rhythm Espresso Murray Boyton, to find out why he loves being part of, supporting and serving the Aura community.

2 min
12 April 2023

Name: Murray Boyton
Where you live: Meridan Plains
Occupation: Pastor at Aura’s Rhythm Church and founder of Rhythm Espresso and the connected Charity, which provides food relief for struggling families across the Sunshine Coast

1. What do you love most about the Aura community?
While I don’t live in Aura, I run two charities within the Aura community, Rhythm Initiative which includes Aura’s highest-rated coffee shop, Rhythm Espresso as well as Rhythm Church. Subsequently, my engagement with the residents of Aura is almost every day.

I have come to love and appreciate the stories of diversity that Aura represents. From our involvement with the schools, the business community and the residents, all who have significance and value.

2. What’s your favourite Aura business to visit and why?
I am biased, but my favourite business to visit has to be Rhythm Espresso. As a community café, that employs people with additional needs, the coffee is best rated, the friendly service and, of course, the great Reuben Toastie is pretty good too.

3. What did you love about building your business in Aura?
We chose Aura to immerse our lives in because we love what Aura stands for; the growing diversity of families and the sense of community it stands for.

4. What would you recommend to a friend looking to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon in Aura?
Over summer, a good space on a Sunday is finding a friend with a pool. I look forward to the Civic Centre and the parklands around that, with the wet play area for the families. That will be great. In the meantime, either the beach or streaming a good show is my Sunday, after attending Rhythm Church.

5. Choose 7 words to describe life in Aura.
Vibrant, colourful, diversity, inclusive, opportunity, families, growing

6. If you could ask anyone 7 questions, who would it be?
Elon Musk as he is someone who knows how to disrupt the status quo.

7. What words of advice would you give your 7-year-old self?
Dare to dream and continue to get back up again, because resilience and perseverance eventually has a payday.