To celebrate Stockland Aura’s 7th birthday, we caught up with Aura local and Halcyon Nirimba resident Sam Romeo, to find out why the Aura community is a great place to enjoy retirement.

2 min
02 May 2023

Name: Sam Romeo
Where you live: Nirimba
How long have you lived in Aura: Since August 2019
Occupation: Retired

1. What do you love most about the Aura community?
I love the good climate, the location close to beaches, maintained street gardens and schools nearby.

2. What’s your favourite Aura business to visit and why?
The IGA Supermarket as it has good service and friendly staff.

3. What did you love about building a brand new home in Aura?
I love the location, the climate and the well-designed homes.

4. What would you recommend to a friend looking to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon in Aura?
Make the most of the great weather conditions and make use of the great play areas for children throughout the Aura community.

5. Choose 7 words to describe life in Aura.
Modern, Facilities, Parkland, Communities, Schools, Shops, Good!

6. If you could ask anyone 7 questions, who would it be?
No one specifically, as I believe everyone has something great to share.

7. What words of advice would you give your 7-year-old self?
It’s good to live here in Aura with all of the facilities available and it’s definitely a great place to retire!