Aura-based business Joyride EV leading the charge in classic car electric vehicle conversion for a greener planet.

5 min
09 May 2023

The Sunshine Coast is known for its stunning beaches, beautiful weather, and laid-back lifestyle, but it is fast becoming a hub for eco-conscious individuals and electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts.

Joyride EV, based in Aura Business Park, is leading the way in the EV industry on the Sunshine Coast, with its specialisation in electric vehicle conversions and breathing new life into classic cars.

Long-time friends and Sunshine Coast locals, Anthony Parke and Ben Johnston are living out their dream to bring classic cars into the modern era, reducing their environmental impact whilst preserving the character and history of classic cars.

Joyride EV Director, Anthony Parke said the innovative business aims to keep classic Australian cars on the road and commenced with the conversion of an iconic 1973 dual-cab VW Kombi named “Julie” which is classed as a 100% EV vehicle.

“There is a massive push towards electric vehicles and it would be such a shame to have these classic cars fall away, so we thought, let’s explore the idea of bringing these cars into the modern era by electrifying them. Classic cars with a modern spin,” said Mr Parke.

“The feedback from the local community has been great. The vehicles in the workshop draw people in and they start asking questions. We’d like to form clubs, and have community awareness drive days where people are out and about enjoying their electric cars.”

In preparing to open the business in 2022, the company was looking for a suitable space and a workshop on the Sunshine Coast to set their business up and that’s when they came across the Aura Business Park.

Joyride EV Co-Director, Ben Johnson said that Aura was a great location to locate the business. “Aura Business Park has an incredible appeal to it, with Brisbane just down the road and the rest of the Coast as well. It’s been a great, supportive, booming community,” said Mr Johnston.

Whilst being based on the Sunshine Coast, Joyride EV consider themselves to be a national business. Over the coming years, the company aims to scale up the business, employ more staff and build more awareness around electric vehicles.

“It’s a massive industry but it’s very much in its infancy and the next two to five years is going to see a boom in these types of conversions, especially in places like the Sunshine Coast,” said Mr Johnston.

“With the growing awareness of climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions, electric vehicles are a greener option and better for the environment. Being an eco-friendly solution it allows classic car enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby without contributing to climate change.”

The electric conversion process converts conventional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles into electric vehicles by installing an electric motor and battery pack to replace its internal combustion engine and associated components. In addition to the environmental benefits, this conversion process can reduce fuel costs and increase the longevity and reliability of vehicles.

Find out more about Joyride EV on the website, or follow them on Instagram @joyrideev.