High above the road coming into Aura, two magnificent birds sit atop a bridge serving as a welcoming gateway to the community.

2 min
13 February 2023

In what is believed to be one of the largest artworks of its kind in the region, Chorus spans 120m and features two aluminium bird sculptures connected by coloured screens commissioned by Stockland and created by artists Eleanor and James Avery.

Eleanor Avery says the inspiration for the artwork comes from the name of the community – Aura.

“We researched where the concept of Aura might come from and found that Aura was the Greek goddess of dawn and the morning breeze in Greek mythology,” Eleanor says.

“The artwork is very much about the connection between the two birds, so we see the transit of people across the bridge as an essential component of the work.

“It will come to life as people traverse it, and equally as much so as they travel under it. “

Eleanor says she and husband James enjoy researching the social, cultural and historical aspects of a site as they aim to create artwork which can be appreciated and enjoyed by the community on many levels.

“We are always excited by the dynamics of an artwork, how it can activate a site, and the interaction of the public. We really like working with teams such as UAP and Stockland, both who have been hugely supportive, and it’s been a total pleasure making this artwork with them,” she says.

“We would love the local residents to feel part of the artwork and to maybe think a little bit about how their new suburb is named and its connection to dawn, birdsong and the morning breeze.”