Stockland Aura has engaged a local Sunshine Coast artist to commence work on a series of hand painted artworks to beautify electrical boxes in the community.

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26 June 2023

Drawing on local wildlife for artistic inspiration, mural artist Hannah Poida has recently completed the first mural, currently on display at a local park in Baringa.

Charlotte Buckley, Stockland Community Development Manager said that creating natural outdoor spaces to enhance liveability is a core commitment for Stockland.

“Featuring one of Aura’s resident frog species, the rare Wallum Sedge Frog, this vibrant street art has transformed an old Energex electricity box into a beautiful work of art for all of the community to enjoy.”

“We are delighted to be able to engage a local artist to complete this series of artworks throughout Aura, showcasing Sunshine Coast wildlife,” said Ms Buckley.

Mural artist Hannah Poida was excited to be engaged by Stockland Aura to complete the mural, the first in a series to be completed over the coming months.

In preparing to paint the first mural, Hannah undertook research to understand more about the Wallum Sedge Frog species and its habitat to capture the essence of this vulnerable native species.

“As a local Sunshine Coast artist, I loved being involved with this project and being able to showcase wildlife specific to the area through my artwork.”

“By the time I was finished, this mural took me 90 hours over 16 days and I’d used up to 15 litres of paint.”

“I look forward to working on future murals in Aura and encourage the community to come down and check them out,” Ms Poida said.

Don’t miss the vibrant street art on display in Aura.

The frog mural can be viewed at Wallum Sedge Frog Park located at Banks Crescent, Baringa. Stay tuned for further details on the new murals to be painted throughout Aura.