For Sales Associate Jess McNeill, one of the main questions he is asked by people considering living in Aura’s community is whether it is a place for everyone. His answer? A resounding yes! And he should know, being an Aura resident himself.

3 min
29 November 2023

In our latest #FastFive series, we caught up with Aura’s Sales Team to learn about Stockland’s largest masterplanned community, and hear what they love about their role.

From his dog Oat’s favourite parks to sharing the community’s vision with clients, here are our #FastFive questions with Jess about Aura!

What are your top three places you love at Aura?
Baringa Forest Park is such a tranquil spot, Mummy’s Café offers fantastic food and drinks, and Aura Brook will be an incredible outdoor, green space for residents when it opens.

Why should someone choose to live at Aura?
There are so many reasons why living at Aura is a great decision. My top three reasons would be for the community, the future development and its amazing coastal location.

Which is your favourite park or playground at Aura and why?
There are so many wonderful parks and open spaces at Aura, but one of my favourites would have to be Baringa Forest Park…it would also be our dog Oat’s favourite too!

What are 5 words that best describe Aura?
Community, family, safety, growth and togetherness.

What is your favourite part about your job?
I love being about to share the vision of our Aura community.