The 100-metre-long pedestrian bridge is open, and safely connects Baringa to Nirimba over the Bells Creek Arterial Road and incorporating the work of local artists!

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29 March 2023

The new pedestrian bridge, which includes dedicated cycle lanes and a separate pedestrian path, will provide a safe crossing location for the extensive walking and cycling network around Aura.

Stockland Project Director, Josh Sondergeld said the bridge will benefit the active Aura community, many of which walk or ride to local schools, parks, and shops.

“To date, we have constructed more than 70 kilometres of the Aura Veloway – Aura’s dedicated bicycle pathway – and shared cycle paths, which encourage the community to be happier, healthier, and more active.

State Member for Caloundra, Mr Jason Hunt MP said this very significant piece of active transport infrastructure is not only an impressive investment in community by Stockland, but it provides a vital link for active transport users.

“Everyone in Aura, regardless of age, will be able to access this pedestrian bridge which provides a safe and easy route for bikes, scooters, and pedestrians, making active transport more viable and delivering a faster and safer route for our school students during peak periods,” said Mr Hunt.

Two 10-metre-tall sculptural birds, designed by local artists James and Eleanor Avery, sit at either end of the bridge, and represent the diversity of native birds in the area. The artwork features a coloured wave design connecting the birds to reflect the energy and vitality of a morning birdsong.

“Our artwork, ‘Chorus’, features two birds perched at either end of the pedestrian bridge, representing the energy and vitality of morning birdsong,” said Mr and Ms Avery.

Connection to the Bruce Highway via the extension of the existing Bells Creek Arterial Road is expected to open mid this year*.

*Any future infrastructure referenced is proposed for Stockland Aura as at 26.04.2023. The delivery and location of proposed infrastructure, facilities, amenities, services and destinations is indicative only and may change due to future circumstances.