From dedicated highways through to specially created artificial ponds and wetlands, Aura is committed to protect some of the community’s smallest residents…frogs!

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17 April 2023

Aura celebrates being home to some of Australia’s rarest acid frogs, including the Wallum Sedgefrog, so the community has implemented a number of green initiatives to help nurture this threatened species.

Stockland worked with leading Australian frog experts to develop an Acid Frog Management Plan for Aura. Part of this plan is setting aside over 152 hectares of habitat, dedicated movement corridors and buffer zones. Stockland is also contributing $500,000 to Wallum Sedgefrog research over the next 10 years and is working with a number of Queensland universities to improve frog conservation.

Throughout Aura, dedicated frog breeding ponds have been created, with the first successful breeding program of the Wallum Sedgefrog in Australia for constructed ponds.


Another initiative is the community’s “frog highway”, which includes dedicated frog crossings under roads to ensure safe passage through the conservation areas.
Alongside a commitment to protecting acid frogs within the community, are a number of other green initiatives implemented at Aura which can be viewed here .

It is this commitment to sustainability which has seen Aura recognised as the highest Green Star rated greenfield master-planned community in Australia by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).