When booking a holiday interstate, Wade and Imogen didn’t know that they were about to embark on their own exciting new adventure.

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01 September 2023


The pair had travelled from Wade’s hometown in Tasmania to visit friends who were living at Aura on the Sunshine Coast.

“We actually came up and visited a couple of friends who live in Baringa and we house sat for them,” said Imogen. “And we fell in love with it,” added Wade.

It was from this trip that the couple made a life changing decision- to make the move up to Aura and begin the next chapter of their lives.

“We literally went back to Tassie and thought, okay, we're going to sell the house and move… so we moved up here and rented, then decided to build,” Imogen commented.

Finding a home to rent at Aura was first step for Imogen and Wade, with their sights firmly set on purchasing the perfect block of land within the community to build their dream home on. The pair didn’t have to wait long when they discovered The Avenues.

“When they announced The Avenues, it was really nice to see how leafy, green and how many trees were going to be established. And the fact that the blocks were a little bit bigger too. Moving up from Tassie where there's loads of space, we wanted to still have that. So The Avenues’ large block sizes were perfect for us,” said Wade.

“We've also got a really nice block where we have a pathway going up the side of our home and the way they've landscaped it is just beautiful,” Imogen added. Aside from the block, Imogen and Wade fell in love with The Avenues area itself.

“I think that being able to use that really nice pathway along to the forest will be fantastic. We can ride our scooters to the brewery, take our dog to one of the many dog parks, we can do whatever we want and be so well connected by foot. It's just going to be amazing,” commented Wade.

When it came to choosing the right home for their new block, looking through Aura’s display home village was a must.

“I would definitely recommend coming to the Aura Display Village! Even if you don't want to build, just coming to get some ideas for renovations as well was so much fun.

Every weekend I was visiting the village, even on lunch breaks just to walk around because it was nice to get ideas and see how each builder here is so different in terms of their style and what they offer,” said Imogen.

The couple fell in love with Bold Living’s display home because of its double voids and breezy, open plan layout.

“We decided to go with Bold because we basically walked into the main display house and we just fell in love with it. The size, the vibe of what Bold brings to the table and the quality of service that we got with the staff here has just been amazing,” said Wade.
Imogen and Wade can’t wait to build their dream home in The Avenues and love living a coastal lifestyle at Aura.

“Aura is just a really easy-going community with amazing facilities and I think it's a really good representation of the best parts of Australia. It is laid back, community driven, everyone has their own dogs, there are fantastic amenities to live a really good lifestyle. Being located on the Sunshine Coast also means that the weather is amazing,” said Wade.

“We love living here, and couldn’t be happier,’ added Imogen.