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Liveability at North Shore

How North Shore creates Liveability

At North Shore, we know it takes a lot more than bricks and mortar to create a thriving community. Our annual Liveability Index Survey measures what matters to our residents, so we can design our communities around what’s important.

The Liveability Index Survey invites feedback on all aspects of the community - from quality of built and natural environments, to how its design supports mental and physical wellbeing. Watch more about it below.

Here are the things you’re loving at North Shore


Health & Fitness – 90%*
North Shore residents are satisfied with their overall health.
Parks – 92%*
Residents at North Shore enjoy the proximity to local parks and natural environment.
Safety – 89%*
89% of respondents feel safe and love living in a welcoming and inclusive space within North Shore

Here’s what we’re doing to improve

Initiative 1: Quarterly community newsletter

Distributing a community newsletter quarterly to communicate updates and progress via email to the database.

Initiative 2: Community Programs

Establish the first community garden in Horizon.

Initiative 2: Connected Community

Initiate a residents association for North Shore residents.

Discover more on North Shore

Discover the vibrant North Shore lifestyle and see what your life could be like surrounded by natural beauty at the award-winning North Shore community in Townsville.

*Percentage calculated from results obtained in the Stockland Liveability Index Survey conducted between 03/02/2021 and 14/03/2021. The Stockland Liveability Index Survey contains views and opinions expressed by customers of Stockland. The views, opinions and commentary of such individuals may not represent the views, opinions and commentary of all customers of Stockland. Stockland does not accept any liability for loss or damage arising as a result of any reliance on the views, opinions and commentary of such individuals.

Any future infrastructure referenced is proposed for Stockland North Shore as at 14/07/2021. The delivery and location of proposed infrastructure, facilities, amenities, services and destinations is indicative only and may change due to future circumstances.