25 January 2022   

It’s official! Two of Providence’s much-loved parks have been officially named; Treehouse Park and Gumnut Park.

If you are local, then chances are you know these parks well and already had your own names for them. With themed play elements, it is no surprise that so many locals were in agreement with names that reflected what each park was well known for. Through an online Park Naming Competition run late last year, the Providence locals have spoken and the park names have been officially approved by Ipswich City Council as: Treehouse Park and Gumnut Park. Signage with the official park names will be going up in the coming months. 

You will find Treehouse Park at 149 Greenview Avenue. It has a treehouse fort with a slide, a swing and netball and basketball half court and hoops. 


Greenview Avenue Park


You will find Gumnut Park at 1 Popran Chase (or between Popran Chase and Heathcote Street). This park features a small gumnut hut and hillside slide. 


Heathcote Street Park