With so many areas to consider, building your dream home can be an exciting, yet daunting time.

04 May 2022

To demystify the processes involved in purchasing a house and land package, we sat down with Providence’s sales team to discuss the most common questions and things to consider when looking to buy. 

What are the common questions people have in relation to house and land packages at Providence? 
People often wonder how they start the process of purchasing a house and land package and who to talk to.  Particularly in the current climate, people also want to know what the projected timeframes are around building a home. 

What are the main points to consider when choosing a house and land package at Providence? 
There are a few questions to answer which help our team put together package options. 
1. Budgets – What do you want to spend? 
2. Timings – When do you want to be in your house?
3. Location – What do you want to live near, for example, schools or parks?
4. Aspect – Do you have any preferences with a block of land’s aspect or position? 
5. Yard size – What size block do you think you want?  

What are some of the main benefits of choosing a house and land package?
One of the main benefits of choosing a house and land package is that it is an upfront process so you have a fairly accurate gauge on prices from the outset. Having this realistic estimate helps for budgeting, which can otherwise be particularly daunting, especially for first home buyers.  
Being a full turn key offer means that you end up with a move-in ready home. There are so many choices when building your dream home, so you can make adjustments by picking any inclusions / exclusions to suit a style and budget. 
Choosing your land also means that your home is designed specifically to suit a particular block, so there is good synergy and flow. 

What are the different options available when looking to buy a house and land package at Providence?
There are various time frames for completion given that different land releases have varied finish time frames. There are also many options when it comes to builders, and also block sizes. Home options also vary, for example, whether you want a single or double storey. 

What are the benefits of visiting Providence’s display village? 
You can’t beat the tangible benefits of seeing/ feeling /touching things, as opposed to looking at homes on a screen. Visiting the village means that you can receive professional advice from building consultants and also gain design inspiration from viewing a home.  We have also seen how visiting our display village can sometimes change the mindset of what you think you might need verses what you actually want. This is due to seeing how different homes can be laid out and cleverly designed to maximise spaces and block aspects.

Is there any other information people should consider when looking to buy a house and land package at Providence? 
First and foremost, speak to brokers and banks so you know what your budget is. It isn’t necessarily how much money you can borrow; rather how comfortable you will be with mortgage repayments. 

It is then a good idea to come out in person and have a look at the estate. Take a drive through and ask whether can you see yourself living here, because experiencing the community in real life is far different than looking at an online masterplan.  

Book in with our sales team and we can guide you through the process. Our house and land packages are separated into two contract portions, a land and building contract. We will guide you though the land portion, and your builder will help you with a building contract, so enjoy peace of mind knowing that through the entire process you work with specialists in each field. 

The Providence team are available to help answer any questions you may have in relation to purchasing a house and land package, so feel free to give them a call on 1800 604 246 or email