If you’re in Providence on the second Saturday of each month, follow the sounds of live music and sizzling scents of fresh cooking to uncover a local favourite, the Ripley Markets.

01 July 2021

From 3pm, the Providence community come together to celebrate local artists, enjoy live entertainment, sample delicious fresh food, and meander through the various specialty market stalls. 

The markets are a popular pastime for residents to enjoy, and it’s all thanks to local Vicki Martin, who started running the operation three years ago. We caught up with Vicki to talk about Providence’s famous monthly markets, and what it means to be part of such a close, vibrant community.

What is your background as a local market organiser, and can you tell us a little about the beginnings of the Ripley Valley Markets? 

I first started organising markets ten years ago, with the Springfield Markets. I have always been passionate about providing small, local businesses with an accessible platform to sell their goods. Aside from operating markets, I am also a local business owner and a mum to two boys, so I know the value of  enabling a space for ‘mum & dad’ businesses to trade.  

The Ripley Valley markets came about as a result of wanting to help activate the area and provide a fantastic night out for our local community. Showcasing a variety of market offerings also promotes and supports the notion of having a hobby or business in our community.    

How have the markets grown / changed since you started operating them three years ago? 

We still have some of our first traders with us, but we also attract a variety of new businesses at each event. Our local community plays such a big role in the ongoing growth of the markets, as they regularly come to support our local vendors and through word of mouth, we are now seeing other visitors from surrounding suburbs attend our event. Even through COVID, our community has continued to support the markets because I think everyone really appreciates and values the event as a great night out for the whole family (including fur friends). We had to remove our seating, however our community supported these restrictions and they now bring their own blankets and chairs.

What can people expect to experience at the Ripley Valley markets? 

There is so much for people to enjoy at the markets! Our incredible food stalls cover multi-cultural offerings from traditional Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Tibetan dishes, through to Italian wood-fired pizzas and German footlongs. For those with a sweet tooth, there is real fruit ice-cream, hot pancakes and our very popular Popcorn Man (who offers refill buckets)! 
There are also local musicians, handmade artesian offerings and a jumping castle for the kids... to name a few.

What is unique about the Ripley Markets?

Everyone always says the Ripley Markets has a friendly, relaxed vibe with a focus on community and respect for the parkland.  Everybody sees it as a great way to connect with friends and neighbours, plus our traders are fantastic too- kind, friendly and stick together.

What are the details for anyone wanting to come to the Ripley Markets? 
The markets are on the second Saturday of every month, from 3-8pm. There’s no entry fee and leashed pets are welcome.  
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