At 6pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the fitness park area in Providence is abuzz with residents taking part in the FIT Initiative.

02 July 2021

Run by fitness pro and local resident Heather Washbourne, the FIT Initiative is a popular fitness program offered three times a week in the open green space of Providence’s fitness park.  

We sat down with Heather to learn more about the FIT Program and why it’s such a favourite activity for locals to be involved in.

Can you give us a little background on yourself and how you got into health and fitness?
I moved to Australia at the end of 2005, and met my now husband not too long after. He introduced me to the world of Powerlifting and getting strong. Since then, I have never looked back! While my journey has changed and developed over the last 15 years (and now in my early forties), having a strong body has continued to be my overarching goal. This also has grown into a passion to help others achieve whatever goal they are aim for.

Did you grow up in Providence or live nearby? 
We previously lived in Forest Lake, then picked our perfect spot in Providence and built in 2015! 
What is the FIT Initiative?  
The FIT Initiative is a community orientated outdoor fitness program. We provide an affordable fitness option for those looking to kickstart their training, or for people who want to add something extra to their current fitness program.

How long have you been running the FIT Initiative classes at Providence and what is your favourite thing about it?
I have been running the FIT Initiative for three years, and my favourite thing about the classes are the people! It’s incredible to see everyone achieve small and big fitness goals. Overcoming self-doubt and helping people create lasting long-term habits to set them up for fitness success is very rewarding.

What do you feel your members get out of these classes?
Friendship and a sense of connection with like-minded positive people! Whether it’s pushing a little harder, going a little faster, or maybe even slowing down, you’ll be encouraged at every step because Providence is a community of people who support each other even beyond these classes. 

What makes running these classes at Providence special?
We are so blessed by our mountainous range and natural location which provides the perfect backdrop for our classes. Providence has amazing green spaces, a specific fitness park area, and the sunsets are truly unlike anything else!

Do people need to have a certain fitness level to attend a FIT class?
Our classes are designed to provide the basics in movement patterns that can be built on, so you can keep perfecting and growing. All movements can be modified to meet any specific mobility limitations, and you can take it up a level at any time.
If someone wants to join one of your classes, how can they do so? 
We keep it super easy and flexible for you! Classes are always on at 6pm, Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the specifics of each class, but all you have to SHOW UP!  There are no bookings, no lock-ins, just come to the classes you can fit into your week.

The FIT Initiative operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm in Providence. 
For more information visit:
Facebook: @thefitinitiativeprovidence
Instagram: @the_fit_initiative_providence