Replanting Plans for Providence

3 min
25 May 2023

Boasting open skies and bushland surroundings, Providence is an idyllic place to call home.

Trees play a critical role in our landscape. They contribute to the abundance of green space and parkland which is vital to providing habitat for fauna as well as providing health benefits for the community by creating comfortable spaces to enjoy an outdoor, active lifestyle.

Where future critical infrastructure at Providence could cause impact to an existing tree, one option is to relocate the tree to a new location.

When Providence’s popular off-leash dog area and Harmony Crescent were constructed in 2019 and 2015, native tree species including Bumpy Ash, Crow’s Ash and Weeping Lilly Pillies were planted.

As our community continues to thrive and grow, the installation of the new off-leash area’s carpark and bus parking space on Harmony Crescent means approximately 30 of these existing trees need to be relocated.

This will take place in late May/early June, and will involve relocating the 30 trees to another section of the off-leash area surroundings and new waterway. These trees are of a satisfactory size and in good health to attempt relocation, and whilst all trees may not survive ‘transplant shock’ associated with relocation, it is anticipated that 80 per cent of the trees will successfully re-establish to good health and vigour in their new location.

The trees’ new home will be located within close proximity to where they are currently growing, adjacent the dog park ., in the newly constructed drainage corridor that has 145,000 new trees, shrubs and groundcovers currently being planted.

Once the upgraded infrastructure is completed, approximately 30 new native trees will also be planted in the new dog off-leash area surroundings. Plans for additional native flora also include 180 trees plus 7,500 shrubs and groundcovers at Centenary sports fields. As well as this, 20,000 tubestock have been planted in the rehabilitation areas adjacent Bundamba Creek.