Variety Livvi's Place at Edgebrook

City of Casey residents are now enjoying Variety Livvi's Park Place, an inclusive playspace specifically designed for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), that opened in late December. This gated playspace located at 23 Merribrook Blvd at Edgebrook in Clyde has a range of fun play elements as well as barbecue and toilet facilities so that Edgebrook families and the wider community can enjoy all day long.


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Variety Livvi's Place at Edgebrook has been specially crafted

A playspace that tells a story

Research through external ASD consultants* suggests that those on the spectrum find calmness in facts and following a storyline which is why we’ve separated the playspace into particular zones, each with its own unique narrative for children to follow. These areas include the aquatic, amphibian, lettuce farm and birds in flight zones.

*Working alongside Katie Greig Consultancy (ASD Consultant and Behavioural Therapist), the design of Livvi's Place was carefully crafted.

An experience for everyone

Children of all ages and abilities are welcome to Variety Livvi's Place park now open at Stockland's Edgebrook community. Come and experience our four distinct play zones and navigate through a central path system. Each apparatus has signage explaining what is involved to guide the journey for all children and there's also refuge pods, where children are able to relax before returning to the key play areas.