We want to show how grateful we are to the frontline workers, or Community Heroes, who choose to build their home in Stockland communities by offering a rebate on their land purchase.

3 min
16 October 2023

Health, safety, education, and belonging are the cornerstones of any great community and Stockland communities are no different. It takes real heroes to act as the glue that binds us all together.

In Episode 3, hear from Yoshna, Isra, and Marie Anne about their jobs, why they love helping others, and how the Community Heroes offer has helped them find a home. You’ll also hear from Stockland CEO & Managing Director Tarun Gupta, along with other members of the Stockland team who share our appreciation.

From our teachers and emergency services to the healthcare professionals and those in the Defence Force - thank you.


Learn more about the Community Heroes offer and other Stockland Offers that may be available to you!


Watch the video: 

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