A Sea of Creativity and Community

2 min
27 October 2023

Colour My Neighbourhood 2023 was a day filled with creativity and community fun. There were18 different engaging activities celebrating this years theme
"Oceans", and more than 250 people came to join in the excitement. 

What made this day truly special was that kids aged 7 to 15 took the lead in activities. They showcased their talents and leadership in different activities, including circus performances, fishing, and more.  The Edmund Rice team provided a diverse range of activities, such as sand art, boat building, fish on sticks, and the talented portrait artist Dan Butterworth.

Western Health added to the fun by encouraging art with food, pleasing both kids and parents with fruity and veggie creations. There was also sausages, coffee, and healthy ice cream to please everyone's taste buds.

We'd want to give a big shoutout to photographers, Melissa Jane and her team of four young helpers, who took great pictures.

Colour My Neighbourhood 2023 was all about embracing creativity, having fun with neighbours, and showcasing the talents of kids within the community. We're already looking forward to next year's colourful adventure!"

See photos from the day below.