Explore the latest construction works underway at Haven

2 min
25 January 2024

Our residential project in Altona North continues to evolve and take shape, and our latest drone footage helps illustrate what goes into delivering a Stockland community like Haven. 

We are pleased to report some exciting construction milestones:

Stage 2, 4 & 5: Homes complete!

Stage 10: External cladding essentially complete and scaffolding to be lowered this year. Plastering works are underway.

Stage 11: Installation of external cladding is underway, insulation and plastering to follow.

Stage 12: Homes complete, with customers starting to settle from December 2023

Stage 13A: Framing inspections and plastering completed, fitout and joinery commencing.

Stage 13B: Landscape construction being finalised. Homes essentially completed with finalisation of defects being completed.

Stage 13C: Facades completed and plastering underway

Stage 15: Homes complete with customers settling in from December 2023- January 2024

Stage 14:  Homes complete!

Roxy Park- Front Display Home: Now open! Open on weekends and by private appointment.

Raven display home: Open on weekends and by private appointment.

Haven Sales & Information Centre: Open for appointments and walk-ins.


Stay tuned for more updates to come!

*All details, images and statements are based on the intention of, and information available to Stockland as at the time of publication and may change due to future circumstances. Any statements relating to dates or size are approximations only.