The North and West Melbourne City Deal Plan is a blueprint for the region to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 in the immediate and medium-term, and to reform our economy for the future.

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02 September 2020

The North and West Melbourne City Deal Plan will help create 300,000 new jobs, reboot business, boost social and economic inclusion, and leverage the region’s existing strengths in health, food production, manufacturing and logistics.

‘Melbourne’s North and West are growing and transforming. Our community comprises 1 million people and will expand to 1.3 million people by 2031. A City Deal is a unique opportunity for the three levels of government to work together with all regional stakeholders to unlock the region’s full potential and deal with critical needs,’ said acting Executive Director of NORTH Link, Tony Coppola.

‘It will enable the region to improve transport connectivity; generate jobs and business growth; improve provision of affordable housing; and build resilient communities.’

‘Melbourne’s North is growing at a rapid pace so continued investment from all levels of government is vital to the future of the region,’ Mr Coppola said.

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