Discover Stage 28 reserve at Minta, overlooking the future wetlands and parklands!

3 min
31 July 2023

We are thrilled to give you an exclusive look at the design of Minta’s next park. Introducing Stage 28 reserve, perfectly positioned next to Minta’s future parklands, wetlands and walking/cycling trails. Comprising part of Minta’s 22+ hectares of parks and green open space, Stage 28 reserve will be a beautiful and idyllic play space for families to come together and enjoy. 

The park features will include: 
• Equestrian trailer friendly car park
• Play equipment 
• Shelter including picnic tables and seating 
• Equestrian path 
• Equestrian hitching post
• Water trough 
• Seating node including day beds

Construction of the 0.91 hectare park will commence late-2023 with completion anticipated for early-2024*. 

*All details, images and statements are based on the intention of, and information available to Stockland as at the time of publication and may change due to future circumstances. Any statements relating to dates or size are approximations only.