As of 1st May, all new home builds in VIC must meet all the changes as set out by the National Construction Code (NCC).

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27 March 2024

These requirements aim to reduce the environmental impact of new home builds, this includes House & Land and Townhomes.

What are the changes?

  • Design and build your home to a minimum thermal performance 7 Star NatHERS energy rating. New home builds currently adhere to a 6 star rating. The higher the star, the less energy needed to heat and cool your home. Important factors that impact your ability to achieve the minimum 7 star energy rating are:
    • House and window orientation
    • High-performing windows
    • Ceiling and wall insulation
  • Meet the new NatHERS Whole of Home rating of 60 out of 100.
    • Choose fixed appliances that are more energy efficient, such as heating and cooling systems, and electrical appliances and hot water
    • Install renewable energy systems such as solar energy

  • Liveable housing design to ensure every home is built with accessibility in mind.
    • Stepless entry into your home
    • Wider hallways and doorways
    • Accessible shower

How will these changes impact you?

  • Cheaper running costs in the long term – with significant yearly savings on your energy bills
  • The cost of your home build may increase as a result of implementing more energy efficient materials and products
  • Help your community take a step closer towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions

What are my options?

If you act before 1 May 2024, your home may be eligible to maintain the current house price and inclusions under the existing regulations before the new NCC requirements come into effect. Terms and conditions apply, speak to a Sales Professional for more information.

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