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We understand that there are many factors that create a well-connected community. See below summary on all types of transport options – both complete & still to come.

Free Community Bus

In partnership with Edmund Rice Services and Caroline Springs RSL, Stockland has arranged a free community shuttle bus service which is scheduled to run each weekday from Grizzly Bear Park, Mt Atkinson Children's & Community Centre and Dinosaur Park, to Rockbank Train Station. Subject to change and any delays, the service is expected to run three times each morning and afternoon during weekdays, in line with the train timetable.

Proposed Public Bus Service

The Department of Transport and Planning is responsible for planning and implementing changes to the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) bus network. Stockland continues to work with the Department of Transport and Planning to provide current information on the Mt Atkinson community, including information on the existing bus-capable road network within Mt Atkinson, to support a PTV bus service within Mt Atkinson. In the meantime, the closest PTV bus service to the community is available via the Route 456 bus network.

Proposed Train Station

The proposed Train Station (located near the proposed Mt Atkinson Town Centre) is subject to future government budgets. Currently, the proposed train station is a long-term project, subject to future government budget approvals. In the meantime, the Victorian Government have committed $650 million to upgrade the Melton Line.

Last updated 26 March, 2024 

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