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General amenity updates

There are so many exciting things happening at Mt Atkinson including planned schools, parks and more. See below overview of some of the most exciting milestones.

Sign for Killara Cafe, featuring a stylish logo and inviting atmosphere.

Killara Cafe

Killara Cafe, our Indigenous social enterprise organisation, opened its doors during reconcilliation week in 2023. In partnership with the Killara Foundation and Edmund Rice Services Mt. Atkinson (ERSMA), the café provides employment, training and education opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Mt Atkinson Children's and Community Centre

The Mt Atkinson Children’s and Community Centre opened in 2023 and features a kindergarten, consulting rooms for maternal and child health services and multipurpose community meeting spaces.

Mt Atkinson Community Centre

Mt Atkinson Community Centre is located on Greigs Road and is managed by Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson. Mt Atkinson Community Centre utilise nature and the outdoors to connect with the community and bring people together for events and ongoing programs.

Proposed Local Convenience

The proposed Local Convenience Centre, located on Clara Avenue has been designated within the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) to provide convenience goods and services for the local community, which may include retailers, food outlets, medical and childcare services. The proposed Local Convenience Centre is not currently owned by Stockland and is in the early planning phases. Given this, the Local Convenience Centre is anticipated to open 2028-2030 (subject to change).

Proposed Playing Fields

In partnership with Melton City Council (council) and with support from the Victorian Government, Stockland is delivering the proposed Playing Fields, located on Kirkpatrick Boulevard. Stockland are currently working with Council on the plans and associated approvals for this sports reserve, with the reserve anticipated to feature playing fields for soccer and cricket, a playground and more. Subject to approvals, this new sports reserve is anticipated to open in 2026-27 (subject to change).

Future Government Primary School

As part of the 2024-25 State Budget, the State Government has committed funding to construct the new Tarneit Plains Primary School (interim name), within Mt. Atkinson.  

In addition, the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) has commenced designing this new school, which is anticipated to open in Q1 2026. 

Future Private Primary School

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) is the owner and developer of the future Private Primary School, within Mt. Atkinson. MACS are currently in the planning phase for this school and have indicated that this new private primary school is anticipated to open in 2026. Please contact MACS for further information.

Young teenagers studying

Proposed Private Secondary School

The proposed Private Secondary School is located within a future development area of Mt. Atkinson that is subject to a future planning permit approval. The anticipated opening of the proposed Private Secondary School is currently unknown.


Conondale Park

The recently opened Conondale Park is inspired by the unique geology and history of Mt Atkinson. Located on Conondale Avenue, this park features slides, swings, rope bridges, tunnels, a giant sandpit, barbecue facilities, and a shelter.

Future Stage 7 Park

Construction works on Stage 7 Park (interim name) are progressing well, with this park expected to open late 2024 (subject to change).

Located on Clara Avenue, opposite the future Private Primary School site, Stage 7 Park (interim name) is sure to become a favourite with kids who love their sport.

This new park will feature a basketball court, BBQ facilities and shelter, flying foxes, slides, and other play elements inspired by the natural environment.

Proposed Indoor Recreation Centre

The site allocated for the proposed indoor recreational centre is a long-term project, located within a future development area that is subject to future planning permit approval and Government funding. The proposed indoor recreational centre is a long-term project, subject to future government funding.

Telecommunications Mobile Network Coverage

Waveconn, a dedicated telecommunications infrastructure company, is deeply committed to collaborating with landowners, developers, Council, and Authorities to enhance mobile network coverage within the community. At present, Waveconn has submitted a planning application to Melton City Council (Council) for the installation of new telecommunications towers in the broader Mt Atkinson precinct, which require Council approval. Should approval be granted by Council, these towers by Waveconn will play a pivotal role in significantly boosting mobile telecommunication network coverage in the community. Stockland are also actively exploring additional initiatives to help improve mobile telecommunications coverage within the community including:

  • Collaboration with Telstra and Optus
  • Exploring New Potential Telecommunication Tower Locations
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Optic Fibre Network

Opticomm, the optic fibre network provider, have committed to updating the existing optic fibre cabinet that services Mt Atkinson to improve the quality of the service being delivered. Opticomm has confirmed the following key steps that can be taken to continually improve telecommunication services:

  • Direct Communication: Opticomm advises residents to reach out to their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for any service-related concerns. The ISPs will then liaise with Opticomm to urgently diagnose and address any identified faults.
  • Outage Management: In the event of service outages, Stockland has been informed that Opticomm’s repair team is promptly deployed upon recognition of the issue to conduct a thorough investigation and implement the necessary solutions.
  • Resident Engagement: Stockland encourages residents to remain proactive in reporting any service discrepancies to their ISPs. This collaborative effort is crucial for maintaining the highest standard of service. 

Last updated 26 March, 2024 

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