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Road projects

We understand that being able to get around your community with ease, is an important part of where you live. From established freeways to internal intersections, see below summary on key road projects complete & still to come.


Kirkpatrick Boulevard and Hopkins Road Intersection

Stockland recently opened the new signalised intersection connecting Hopkins Road to Kirkpatrick Boulevard.


Grand Boulevard

Stockland are continuing roadworks on the $10 million extension of Grand Boulevard, which is expected to link Mt. Atkinson and Grandview, via a 1.7-kilometre single carriageway in either direction. Ultimately, Grand Boulevard is expected to eventually connect to Greigs Road and provide a key road connection for commuters travelling east and west. Grand Boulevard is anticipated to be delivered in stages, with key upcoming stages detailed below:

  • Grand Boulevard connecting Hopkins Road and Clara Avenue: COMPLETE
  • Grand Boulevard connecting Greigs Road and Clara Avenue: is currently under construction and is expected to be complete mid-2024, subject to change including weather conditions.

Proposed Hopkins Road level crossing removal

As stated on the State Government's Big Build website, planning has commenced on the removal of the level crossing at Hopkins Road with early designs recently being released. These works are expected to improve traffic flow in the area and the Victorian Government have indicated a proposed completion date of 2026.

Proposed Mt Atkinson Road

Proposed Mt Atkinson Road is located within future development areas of Mt. Atkinson and is anticipated to be delivered in stages. Subject to approvals, Mt Atkinson Road ultimately connecting Grand Boulevard to the southern boundary of the Mt Atkinson residential community, is anticipated to be complete 2028-2030 (subject to funding).

Proposed Kirkpatrick Boulevard and Mt Atkinson Road Intersection

This proposed intersection sits within a future development area of Mt. Atkinson. Subject to approvals, this intersection is anticipated to open in 2027-28 (subject to change due to future circumstances including construction timeframes on neighbouring developments).


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