Mt. Atkinson's residents enjoyed a joyful day of colourful art creations with Jimmi Buscombe!

2 min
27 September 2022

Stockland is celebrating 70 years of developing vibrant and connected communities by continuing to run our much-loved community events. We are always aiming to improve our resident’s sense of belonging and connection with others, recognising the value of these events towards residents’ overall wellbeing and happiness.

Recently, Jimmi Buscombe was invited to the Colour My Neighbourhood event held at our Dinosaur Park. Many excited residents turned up with their box of chalk ready to join in on the fun day ahead. It was great to see the beautiful pieces of artwork everyone made while enjoying this time spent with family and friends. As we watched JimmI create his artwork, we all left feeling inspired by the local nature here at Grandview. Jimmi said the local Edmund Rice birdwatching group was his inspiration behind the mural, hoping to showcase the beauty of birds and the joyous connection we have with nature.

We thank all of Grandview’s residents for coming along to another successful Colour My Neighbourhood event and gifting us with your beautiful creations. Looking forward to seeing what we all make next time!

Have a look through some of the highlights from the day: