Interior design plays an imperative part in creating your dream home. The philosophy behind a homeowner’s style is depicted by their life experience, personalised décor and preference.

5 min
01 June 2021
1. What role does interior design play in creating a dream home?

As an Interior Designer, my role is to capture the essence of personality and taste and direct the design process. The ethos behind interior design is to feature various pieces that people have collected over time and generate energy flow, individuality, and a welcoming environment by adding new pieces to tell their story.  

Empire’s collection portrays timeless character – our ranges are designed and developed to be cherished and kept in your home forever. Everything we manufacture is designed to make your home feel purposeful, comfortable and soulful. 


2. What do you love most about Canopy?

I truly believe in the Canopy brand – it’s a carefully designed project from Stockland that offers a high quality lifestyle to the people of Perth. It’s wonderful that residents can experience the best of inner city living with access to nearby parks, lakes and beaches. The terrace home design creates a strong sense of community, and I love that there is variation to each home design. The premium finishes chosen for each home act as the perfect base for us to work with from a design perspective. 


3. How will you tailor your services to Canopy homeowners?

We’ve created an array of designs to specifically complement the Canopy colour schemes, to inspire residents as they personalise their home. These selections are very adaptable and can be tailored, mixed or altered to suit the buyer. 

Our expert stylist team will provide one-on-one consultation to residents in order to create a collaborative relationship, build a trusting platform together to best represent resident’s personality, style and preferences. From this, our team will be able to provide professional advice and recommendations based on the scale, space and overall aesthetic. We will work closely with the residents to create their own unique interior design.    

We like to take the guesswork out of design, as we know the layout and scale for the different Canopy homes. We are able to advise on which pieces will fit in the home based on measurements and will achieve the desired look – making the process convenient and streamlined for residents. 


4. In your opinion, what synergies do Canopy and Empire share?

This partnership is truly an honour. Empire has not collaborated with a community development to date, merely because we’ve never found a community that holistically embraces the Empire style. From the beginning, I have highly valued the Canopy project – our brands are strongly aligned in the style, purpose and client base. 

Both Empire and Canopy share the vision behind creating the dream lifestyle for residents – being one with your home and surroundings is the ideal result. I love the Canopy design – the way each home accentuates the value of architecture, terrace-style living in addition to indoor and outdoor style. I believe  these are homes where Empire customers can live and build a beautiful future and where our pieces fit in flawlessly.  




5. What current trends are you seeing in interior design?

I’d like to think that Empire is paving its own path, rather than following trends. We do look at what trends are popular and what people are gravitating towards, however we like to simplify the selection to include a few key pieces that we can layer with Empires core style.

Our collections feature mostly neutral tones, with splashes of colours, to be layered and complement your existing décor. 

We draw inspiration from classic looks from the past and reinventing them with a unique modern twist. Empire is always evolving and expanding our brand based on designs that align with our aesthetic, and everything we stock has a well-considered purpose. 


6. Why is it important to create a home that's styled from the outside-in and inside-out?

Integrating inspiration that nature provides us with interiors makes a home feel more complete and grounded. It helps the home flow seamlessly, providing residents with a sense of calm and ease inside their home, and in the community.  

It’s important to feel that your home represents you from room to room. We aim to provoke a sense of glee and delight when designing your home as well as within your surroundings, which is why we want to tie in elements of the Canopy community to ensure the home design suits and reflects the surrounding environment. In turn, creating beautiful homes will bring vibrancy and a welcoming energy to the community.  


7. What does being an Empire VIP entail and what can Canopy homeowners expect?

Canopy homeowners will all receive a VIP discount at all Empire stores membership to attend exclusive events, as well as a special Canopy community welcome gift from the Empire team. We know the different floorplans, the colour schemes and the scale and architectural detail of each home and we can’t wait to share that knowledge. We thrive off building connections and we are looking forward to meeting with the residents to bring their dream homes to life!