Hear from Shane Wormall and family, who not only worked on the Canopy project, but are delighted to be among the first residents to call the community home. Discover why Canopy ended up being the perfect choice for this family.

5 min
13 November 2020

How were you involved with Canopy? 

Wormall Civil completed all the civil works for the Glendalough Canopy project which was mainly preparing the site for the builders to commence work.


Why did your family choose Glendalough?

We were looking for an easy, low maintenance investment close to the city. We're a family of five and have a mixture of both young and old, the kids are 18, 16 and the youngest is 3. The lock up and leave, easy living aspect is really appealing. 


What are you looking forward to the most? 

We will love being able to stay closer to the city more often and enjoy urban living, especially the inner-city amenities like cafes and easy access to Scarborough beach. 


Being in the construction industry, you must see a lot of developments across Perth, why Canopy? 

I see a lot of typical suburban greenfield developments around the Perth metro area. Canopy really stood out as it's a rare opportunity within an existing and established suburb. It's the aged and well-established community side with a brand new estate. 


Any feedback for Stockland?

The team are always really helpful and enthusiastic. I'm really grateful to be a part of this unique development both from a contractor and purchaser perspective.

Canopy's first resident Shane Wormall
Canopy's first resident Shane Wormall