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Stockland doesn’t just talk liveability, we measure it. It’s how we know Stockland residents love where they live – and how we find ways to keep improving the lifestyle experience in our communities.

The Stockland Liveability Index

Did you know that 93%* of Stockland residents are happy living in their community and overall, Stockland achieved a National Liveability Index of 75%?

We know this thanks to the Stockland Liveability Index, an annual survey that checks to see how Stockland residents feel about their health and wellbeing, quality of life and community connections.

The results help us plan for communities of the future and to keep striving to make a positive difference to the lives of everyone who lives in a Stockland community.

The Liveability Index survey focuses on five key areas: Belonging, Connection, Health and Fitness, Safety, and Environment and Sustainability. Keep reading to learn more…

*Portion of residents that gave a 6 - 10 score. 




Belonging is that special connection you feel when you’ve found your true place in the world. It’s knowing your neighbours by name, making new friendships at your local park, the happy greetings when you arrive at your weekly fitness session, and coming home to a place that feels just right for you.

Our communities are designed to bring people together. Parks and playgrounds are within walking distance of every home, an extensive network of pathways and bikeways run right past your letterbox, and regular events and activities help you and your family get to know the people in your neighbourhood.

Plus, most Stockland communities have their own Facebook page, which is a great way to meet and stay connected with other residents. Stockland also uses the Facebook page like a community noticeboard to let residents know about upcoming events, timing of when roads will be built or amenities delivered, surveys, competitions and more!

Aura – a case study in Belonging

Creating a new community is not just about building homes, roads and paths – it’s about fostering a strong community spirit to help residents feel like they belong and are proud of where they live. The latest Liveability Index shows that 81% of Aura's residents are proud to live in the community. Aura on the Sunshine Coast will one day be Australia’s largest and most sustainable master-planned community. Already the blossoming neighbourhoods are bustling with activity as a range of events and initiatives see new friendships formed and new residents welcomed with open arms into a place where they belong.

Learn more about Aura


Juggling everything that goes on in life is a real skill. So having convenient connections to everything from local shops and transport, to schools and parklands is invaluable when it comes to quality of life. The Stockland Liveability Index measures how much our residents value living close to current and future everyday essentials. Because good connection leads to a better, balanced lifestyle.

Highlands – a case study in Connection

With its handy connections to schools, parks, transport and health hubs, our award-winning Highlands community in Melbourne’s north offers convenient living against an abundance of open, green spaces. With major supermarkets, world-class sporting facilities and stunning parklands minutes away, 8 in 10 Highlands residents are happy with access to leisure and entertainment, proximity to local parks, cafes, shops and amenities. 

Learn more about Highlands

Health and fitness

Active bodies, healthy minds, happy souls – health and fitness are a crucial part of our general wellbeing.

One of the benefits of living in a Stockland community is being able to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle in a safe environment. We create our neighbourhoods so that residents can get outdoors and be active as part of their everyday routine – whether that’s a walk to the shops or local cafe, a ride to school or work, or a wander to the local dog park or community hub.

Many Stockland communities also host regular group fitness activities that let you meet new local people and form new friendships. Larger communities will also often have dedicated sporting facilities on site, such as football ovals, soccer fields or tennis courts. These are generally managed by the local council or a private operator.


Sovereign Pocket – a case study in Health and Fitness

Healthy living is part of the DNA of Stockland’s Sovereign Pocket community in Brisbane’s west. The Queensland community is ranked among Australia’s top communities on the Stockland Liveability Index thanks to a thriving Live Life Get Active program, regular activities and outdoor recreation features. With so many activities, 86%* of Sovereign Pocket residents are happy with their health. It’s no wonder residents love where they live!

Learn more about Sovereign Pocket

*Portion of residents that gave a 6 - 10 score. 


Home should be a place where you feel safe and secure in a welcoming and friendly environment. A safe community is one that is inclusive and celebrates diversity, where families meet up in the local park after school, where neighbours know each other by name and feel comfortable hitting the parks for a daily jog, cycle or dog walk.

Stockland purposely designs spaces and arranges events to foster connection between neighbours and maximise safety in its communities. Facebook pages and Neighbourhood Watch groups are also great ways that residents can feel safe at home.

Sienna Wood - a case study in Safety

A safe neighbourhood involves all members of the community and Sienna Wood has taken this to heart, with even our four-legged residents chipping in to do their bit. The Dogs on Patrol pilot program is part of a range of initiatives designed to promote safety within the Perth community and bring people together. And with continually improving Index ratings for liveability, safety and community connection, we know we’re on the right track for a bright future.

Learn more about Sienna Wood

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability are crucial considerations when it comes to creating Stockland communities. From beautifully landscaped streets to innovative playgrounds, expansive parkland, bush or beach backdrops and grand entry statements, everything is meticulously planned to ensure it not only looks good, but also enhances, protects and conserves the world we live in. Stockland initiatives include:

  • Some Stockland communities constructing their roads using Reconophalt, a type of asphalt made from highly recycled materials that would otherwise be diverted to landfill
  • Designing parks and playgrounds in close consultation with the local councils who become responsible for them
  • Every Stockland community having a Cultural Heritage Management Plan to protect areas of sensitivity related to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.

When it comes to building your home, Stockland issues home ‘design guidelines’ with every sale. These include key minimum design features for each home to ensure all homes in our communities are built to the highest standards and create a beautiful streetscape for residents. And if you want to go a step further and create an environmentally sustainable home, we've got the tips you need to do that.

Calleya – a case study in Environment and Sustainability

The sense of connection with the environment at our 6 Star Green Star community at Calleya is what gives it a charm all of its own. This beautiful neighbourhood is a vibrant place to live, buzzing with things to do. Residents rate their proximity to parks and open spaces very highly at Calleya, which goes even further by offering state-of-the-art playgrounds that have become a destination for families throughout the region. In the latest Liveability Index, 91% of residents were happy with the quality of local parks and the natural environment of Calleya. 

Learn more about Calleya

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