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At Stockland, we don't just talk liveability, we measure it. It’s how we know our residents love where they live – and how we find ways to keep improving the lifestyle experience in our communities.

The Stockland Liveability Index

We know it takes a lot more than bricks and mortar to create connected, liveable and happy communities. The voice of our residents plays an important role as we continuously work towards curating inspiring places that offer a better way to live.

Our annual Liveability Survey^ measures what matters to our residents, so we can design our communities around what’s important. It invites feedback on all lifestyle aspects, focusing on five key areas: Belonging, Connection, Health and Fitness, Safety, and Environment and Sustainability


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In our 2023 Liveability Survey results, we found that just under 90%* of Stockland residents are happy living in their community, and 8 in 10 residents told us they feel proud living in their community. These results have helped us understand the things our residents love, and highlighted the areas we can improve on.​ We know we aren't perfect, but we're working on it! 

Below are a few highlights across the key pillars we measure.  

*89% of residents gave a 6 - 10 score when asked  to rate their overall satisfaction living in their community.


Belonging is that special connection you feel when you’ve found your true place in the world. It’s knowing your neighbours by name, making new friends at your local park, the warm greetings when you arrive at your weekly fitness session, and coming home to a place that feels just right for you.

Our communities are designed to bring people together, with over 80% of residents agreeing that Stockland is a desirable place to live. We consider the proximity of parks and playgrounds to every home when designing our communities, and set up regular events and activities to help you and your family get to know the people in your neighbourhood.



Juggling everything that goes on in life is a real skill. So having convenient connections to everything from local shops and transport, to schools and parklands is invaluable when it comes to quality of life.

The Stockland Liveability Index measures how much our residents value living close to current and future everyday essentials. This year, just under 9 in 10 residents told us they're satisfied with the proximity of local parks and natural environment to their community. We're committed to helping our residents live a more balanced lifestyle, by designing our communities with connectivity in mind.

Health and fitness

Active bodies, healthy minds, happy souls – health and fitness are a crucial part of our general wellbeing.

One of the benefits of living in a Stockland community is being able to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle in a safe environment. We create our neighbourhoods so that residents can get outdoors and be active as part of their everyday routine – whether that’s a walk to the shops or local café, a ride to school or work, or a wander to the local dog park or community hub.

This year, 9 in 10 Stockland residents told us they're happy with their health*. Many Stockland communities host regular group fitness activities that open up opportunities to meet new people and form new friendships. Larger communities will also often have dedicated sporting facilities on site, such as football ovals, soccer fields or tennis courts. These are generally managed by the local council or a private operator.

*Portion of residents that gave a 6 - 10 score. 


Home should be a place where you feel safe and secure in a welcoming and friendly environment. A safe community is one that is inclusive and celebrates diversity, where families meet up in the local park after school, where neighbours know each other by name and feel comfortable hitting the parks for a daily jog, cycle or dog walk.

At Stockland, we carefully design spaces and arrange events to foster connection between neighbours and maximise safety in our communities. In our latest Liveability Survey, just under 90% of our residents told us they are happy with their personal safety*.

*Portion of residents that gave a 6 - 10 score.

Environment and Sustainability

We believe there is a better way to live, and the environment and sustainability are fundamental considerations when it comes to creating Stockland communities. Our 2030 vision is to regenerate the environment, ignite inclusive prosperity, and inspire people to thrive. Turning vision into action is at the heart of our culture, so our sustainable future has its foundations in the work we’re doing now. There are big challenges ahead, but by taking meaningful steps forward, together, it is achievable.

From beautifully landscaped streets to innovative playgrounds, expansive parkland, bush or beach backdrops and grand entry statements, everything is carefully planned to ensure it not only looks good, but also enhances, protects and conserves the world we live in. In our 2023 survey, 86% of residents told us they're happy with their ability to walk or cycle around their community, and 8 in 10 residents told us they love their local park*. 

When it comes to building your home, if you want to go a step further to create an environmentally sustainable home, we've got the tips you need to do that.

​*Percentage of Stockland residents that are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the ease of walking/cycling around the community, and the proportion of residents that are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of local parks and natural environment in their community.

^The Stockland Liveability Index Survey encompasses 23 active communities in Stockland's portfolio.

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