It's all about our customers

3 min
20 June 2024

The most important feature of any business is how it cares for its customers. To achieve sustainable, long-term business success, Stockland always puts centre visitors at the heart of every decision we make, personalising services to them wherever possible using advanced bespoke data analysis techniques.

By leveraging technology and developing innovative ways to harness our advanced analytics we transform raw data into actionable insights that drive better business outcomes for you, our retailers.

Whether it’s identifying trends, predicting customer behaviour, or measuring the impact of our campaigns, data-driven decision-making is central to our approach to better understanding customer preferences and enabling us to adapt to changing customer needs in real-time.

Making data work for our customers 

Truly understanding our customers’ needs and preferences (beyond simple demographics) lies at the heart of a customer centric approach. We leverage sophisticated data-driven tools to gain deep insights into customer behaviour, to both anticipate and fulfill their evolving needs.

Specifically, this comprehensive understanding helps us identify, nurture and track movements of opportunity segments in real-time to dynamically respond and maximise their value in centre.

Localisation is key

How customers relate to each centre is different, too. By using leading techniques such as journey mapping and empathy sessions we uncover deeper insights into their preferences, behaviours and nuances. These insights – constantly reviewed and updated – ensure we are flexible and inspiring when we respond to local and national market shifts.

Understanding our customers

Prioritising collaborative communication, we make it easy for our customers to talk to us, too. By understanding more about how individuals interact with our retail town centres we can identify any unmet needs to guide how we inform them, and how we look after them when they visit us. This attention to individual’s needs enables us to tailor experiences and initiatives across each touchpoint they experience, creating memorable and positive moments again and again.

Focus on high value

Our customer segmentation too has empowered us to identify and convert High-Value Segments (HVS) in your trade areas accessing previously untapped opportunity segments, resulting in the growth of our pool of high value customers. This ultimately drives key business metrics around the country for our retail partners.

We then engage high-value segments with this personalised messaging, adapting our campaigns to drive both increased visitation and spend at our town centres, capturing valuable new market segments and providing better customer service, more often. 

Each journey is different

Customer journeys differ according to location and customer needs. We use journey mapping tools to provide insight into the needs and actions of our customers. By understanding their specific journey – identifying key behaviours, preferences, and pleasure/pain points at each stage – we craft better and more tailored experiences.   

Every viewpoint we capture is valuable

We measure customer experiences on an ongoing basis to quantify the value of a shopper experience. Live customer online chats with our team continuously collect useful feedback, monitoring customers’ awareness, and measuring how we’re tracking versus competitors, to stay abreast of shifting consumer preferences and behaviours.

And we listen to our valued retail partners, too, by conducting satisfaction surveys to track, monitor and benchmark how satisfied our national and centre-based retailers are, and identify areas for improvement in response to your concerns and suggestions.

A total commitment to continuous improvement 

By transforming raw data into actionable insights, customer centric decision-making is central to our business. We want every customer interaction across our town centres to be a positive and memorable one and we are dedicated to this over-arching goal. 

To learn more about how Stockland’s unique customer centric approach can help your business, and how it applies to your business, please contact