The power of proximity media and pop-ups

07 May 2024

By combining proximity marketing with targeted strategies and physical, retailers can create seamless and personalised shopping experiences that drive engagement, increase dwell time, and ultimately boost sales. 

From independent retailers to worldwide chains, no matter your size, getting people in the door is a constant priority in the evolving retail environment. In-centre marketing leverages the physical environment, utilising strategic placement, signage, and interactive displays to engage consumers already on-site. This tactile experience can create a stronger connection with potential customers captivating them while already in a shopping mindset. 

S Connect is a dedicated Stockland team that is here to provide you, our retail partners, with access to a broader range of media and advertising channels designed specifically to leverage this. Options include digital advertising, pop-up locations, banners, from carpark to counter – if you see it in a shopping centre, it’s part of the mix. What’s incredible is the way that our retailers have added their own creativity with unique activities and campaigns supporting their brands. 

Convert proximity into purchase 

The appeal of S Connect is its immediacy and proximity to your store. Our suite of advertising opportunities are designed to intercept consumers with a high intent to purchase, making it very effective in converting interest into action. JD Sports tapped into this active, purpose-driven mindset when embarking on a four-week campaign to support the opening of their newest Stockland store in Shellharbour.  

Using a combination of large format digital screen and digital directories, accompanied by digital advertising media, atrium banners and door decals, JD Sports drove visitors to the new venue, reaping the rewards of sales of 131% higher than expectations on opening weekend. Targeting ads in-centre this way gave the advantage of physical presence, with the audience already in the shopping centre being driven to the store.  

Image source: JD Sports, media activation 

The ads were paired with in-store activities including live DJs and giveaways, with JD Sports Media and Sports Marketing Manager Matthew Ashkar citing “in-store experience and stock offering” as some of the activities best enhanced by S Connect. 

“[It added] store resonance to a new consumer in this market, ensuring they are aware of the new store and know it can be their go-to moving forward. 

“S Connect allows us to communicate with a wider range of consumers at different stages in their shopping journey and drive traffic to specific locations ensuring they are successful off the back of our brand success.”  

Pop-up with purpose 

Among the top performers in the S Connect toolkit are pop-up stores. These temporary physical spaces provide the flexibility to introduce or experiment with new products, expand on a campaign to add an extra layer of engagement or get your products in front of a larger audience, driving foot traffic to your store location during key retail periods like back-to-school. Others use extraordinary creativity to dream up immersive experiences that indelibly connect customers with their brands in topical, relevant ways.  

It isn’t only permanent retailers who have found that in-centre advertising has worked wonders for sales. When Hudson Circus chose to use Stockland land adjacent to our Birtinya Town Centre for its performances, the result was a roaring success with an average after 5pm customer traffic increase of 18.3%, and core hours peaking at more than 37% above usual. The retailer feedback was also positive, especially from food and casual dining vendors. Some, including Hello Harry and Kebab Zone reported year-on-year sales growth above 27% when the circus was in town. 

Image source: Stockland Birtinya, Hudson Circus

Michéle Pirozzi, National Manager of Stockland S Connect, said that retail media focused on reaching consumers at the point of purchase, is a powerful tool when mixed with above the line advertising mediums such as TV, radio and digital. 

“One way they can complement each other is by reinforcing brand messaging. For example, a TV ad might create brand awareness and generate interest in a product, while retail media can provide more detailed information and promotions when the customer is actively considering a purchase in-store. 

“Additionally, retail media can benefit from the data-driven nature of digital advertising. Retailers often have access to valuable consumer data, allowing far more targeted and personalised advertising through digital channels. This can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising efforts.” 

The contextual relevance can be amped up even further by pinpointing the best environment for your advertising efforts – for example, promoting your fashion brand in the fashion precinct, or highlighting availability of a must-have device in the electronics precinct of a centre. This proximity creates a buzz that translates into action in the form of foot traffic to your store. Allowing you, our retail partners, to do what you do best in converting customers in-store.  

Contact your local S Connect representative today and start designing your next creatively targeted campaign with results.