Tips for creating a very Merry Christmas Retail Period

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20 September 2023
Tips for creating a very Merry Christmas Retail Period. Our round-up of the latest trends, tools, and services for holiday sales.


Consumer research shows that despite cost-of-living pressures, the Australian economy is still set to outperform and grow by 2 percent1. As we quickly approach the Christmas spending period this is welcome news for many retailers.

To capitalise on Christmas sales and shopping behaviours, businesses will, however, need to think more creatively about their marketing and sales plans and implement them early. To help you, we’ve rounded up the latest Christmas shopping trends, marketing strategies, and Stockland services to work along your own channels, to ensure you effectively hit your holiday revenue targets.

1. It’s already Christmas (at least it is for shoppers)

According to Denise Wyer, Head of Sales APAC2, AdRoll, “about 40% of the Australian public start their Christmas shopping by the end of October, which is a huge amount, so you want to make sure that you’re in market while they’re in market.” It might seem that every year it comes around all too soon, but getting ahead of your marketing by creating a calendar of tactics and promotions leading up to Christmas will help you leverage the highest footfall period of the year and maximise in-centre opportunities. 

2. Take an omnichannel approach to sales and marketing (read: the more avenues, the merrier)

Rather than depend on one channel to get your message or offering out there, it’s important to have multiple streams available for your customers to find and purchase your product. Along with your own channels, retailers in our centres are encouraged to take advantage of Stockland’s national and in-centre channels to amplify their Christmas campaigns.

Marketplace: According to KPMG’s Australian Retail Outlook 20231, “the line between commerce and ecommerce is becoming increasingly blurred; where e-commerce was once seen as a supplementary method of retail, it is now considered essential for every retailer.”

Stockland Marketplace is our online platform that provides a hyperlocal shopping experience and gives customers access to your store 24/7. Available to Stockland retailers*, this is an excellent way to expand in the growing e-commerce market without losing the local touch. Contact the Stockland Marketplace team here.

In terms of the Christmas period, we know that even the most organised among us often need to do last-minute shopping at Christmas time, and having a sales channel open outside of shopping centre hours can be make or break in terms of delivering important information and closing a sale.

List your offers on our website: This is a great way to communicate offers, events, or other news to customers. You can do this through the Retailer Offer Portal that enables agile management of your campaign. There is also an opportunity to feature in our Super Sale and Christmas offers and events.

Be featured on our social media channels: Stockland has a solid and engaging presence on social media, providing opportunities to amplify retailer content. You’re invited to submit information for review regarding store activities, products or promotions.

Promote your products in our email newsletter: We have an extensive database of loyal customers who receive regular email newsletters. There are opportunities throughout the year to include products or offers in regular and campaign-based communications.

Did you know 40% of Australians start Christmas shopping in October?

S Connect: If you’re looking for more advertising opportunities, make sure to enquire about S Connect. We have a variety of paid solutions that can generate exposure and interest in your offering. Learn more about it here.

3. Harness the magic of the Christmas shopping centre

Results based on a recent survey3, found that Australians are expected to spend $27.3 billion this festive season – and this year, as every year, many people be making their purchases at their local town centre. The importance of our local town centres is an essential part of the customer journey, especially during key sales periods. This tangible, in-centre shopping experience offers shoppers excitement and experiential opportunities.

Reach out to your local marketing team: Get involved in your in-centre experiences from complimentary product offerings, to branding items, gift bag inclusions and bounce-back offers. Contact us at National Retail Marketing today.

Digital signage: Most of our centres include digital display units and are a great avenue to promote call-to-action offers.

Physical installations: Connect with customers through a variety of scalable paid signage options, including atrium banners, decals, and more.

Pop-ups and activations: The experience economy continues to expand, and pop-ups and activations are a great way to grow your exposure and generate interest from customers in a spending mindset. This could be anything from sampling to product launches or demonstrations. With opportunities starting from just one week, this is a flexible way to enhance and support your retail strategy during a high footfall period.


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*Stockland Marketplace is available to Stockland retailers only. Some exclusions apply. Visit Stockland Marketplace for full details.