Case Study

Benchmarking to enhance our LGBTI inclusion strategy

2 min
21 September 2018

Being positive toward LGBTI+ employees is the ultimate litmus test for an inclusive culture, and contributes to a workplace that is inclusive of all employees, regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status. A positive attitude toward employees means they can be confident in bringing their whole selves to work, speaking their mind, and contributing their perspectives for the benefits of the business as a whole.

Over the past year, our LGBTI+ Employee Advocacy Group achieved substantial progress in formalising its strategy and benchmarking Stockland’s position as an LGBTI+ inclusive employer.

The group led the completion of our first submission to the Australian Workplace Equality Index, which drives best practice for LGBTI+ inclusion in Australia and sets a comparative benchmark for Australian employers across all sectors.

In its first year existence, the LGBTI+ EAG launched an internal employee network, marked days of significance such as Wear It Purple Day, and enhanced the language used in some of our policies and procedures. These achievements were recognised by our Australian Workplace Equality Index result, which also recognised the explicit support provided by our executive and senior leaders for LGBTI+ inclusion at Stockland.

The LGBTI+ EAG is using the Australian Workplace Equality Index results to inform the forward strategy for LGBTI+ inclusion at Stockland. Priorities for the next twelve months include:

  • targeted LGBTI+ inclusion and awareness training
  • continuing to expand our internal employee network
  • enhancing policies and procedures to provide for explicit inclusion of LGBTI+ individuals
  • formalising the EAG strategy and action plan.