Case Study

Contractor induction training on sustainability

3 min
21 September 2018

Our commitment to sustainability is a critical component of how we achieve our purpose of delivering a better way to live. We collaborate with our contractors not just to deliver our strategy on the ground, but also to enhance the knowledge and capacity of the industry more broadly.

Most recently at Waterlea (Vic, formerly known as Stamford Park), the project team developed a Sustainability Induction video with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. The video targets our contractors, and aims to improve sustainability awareness and in particular how Sustainable Development can maximise ‘environmental, social and economic value’. In addition the video covers initiatives specific to Waterlea as well as a section on Green Star certification and the role played by the contractor.

At the end of the video, the contractor is required to complete a short quiz to show their understanding of the issues discussed.

Completing the module not only improves contractor knowledge on sustainability, it also aligns contractors with our sustainability aspirations and aligns with the development’s Green Star strategy. The module is also eligible for the GBCA’s Industry Capacity Building credit in the Green Star Communities Tool.

Kim Ly, from Waterlea’s development team says “The module, as well as the video are a great platform to provide contractors information on sustainability, both at Stockland and at Waterlea.”

It also underlines the reason why sustainability is important and the roles each contractor has on site to contribute to sustainable development. The Supply Chain Sustainability School has done a great job on ensuring the module is engaging and inspiring.”

With the encouraging uptake of the video amongst contractors we are currently ascertaining how we can adapt the material to engage with contractors more broadly across our residential portfolio.

A screen from Stockland's contractor Sustainabiltiy Induction video for our Waterlea residential development in Rowville, Vic.