Experiencing the virtual future at Cloverton

2 min
11 May 2017

When considering whether to live in a community that’s under construction, it’s hard to image what it will feel like to walk down the street, enjoy the park with your family, or meet friends in the planned town centre. To address this challenge that our customers often experience, we partnered with Telstra to combine their insights into how people engage with technology with our expertise in creating thriving communities to create our Vision Centre at Cloverton.

Located at Kalkallo in Melbourne’s north, Cloverton is the largest ever masterplanned community in Victoria and will be home to more than 30,000 people when completed. Technology and innovation will play a vital role in the design and delivery of Cloverton, which received a 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia in recognition of its world leadership across a wide range of environmental, economic and social sustainability measures.

The $4.6 million Cloverton Vision Centre, which opened in December 2016, creates an innovative, engaging experience enhanced by technology that enables prospective residents to explore what Cloverton will be like as it comes to life over the next 30 years. Visitors use a touch-screen map table to explore the different aspects of the community, such as proximity to transport and shops, as well as parks and open spaces.

The Vision Centre is also home to a striking playground, which we developed in partnership with the Touched By Olivia Foundation. With its gumnut-themed play pods that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities, the playground gives future residents a further taste of what lies ahead for this blossoming community.