Case Study

Focusing on local employment at Stockland Green Hills

2 min
21 September 2018

The Green Hills Connectivity Centre was a collaboration between us and the primary contractor on our Green Hills redevelopment, that sought to leverage the economic potential of the redevelopment to address the high level of youth unemployment in the Maitland area. The aim of the Connectivity Centre was to connect local job seekers with employment opportunities in the redeveloped Stockland Green Hills (NSW), and to upskill individuals in preparation for the workplace.

Over the two years of its operation, the Connectivity Centre placed more than 180 local people in jobs, exceeding its initial target of 100. Importantly, the majority of placements were in sustainable employment.

The Connectivity Centre also ran workshops such as the Customer Service Workshop, Driver Learner and Driver Awareness workshops, and Interview Technique workshops, all designed to enhance the employability of local residents.

On Monday 26 March 2018, the Connectivity Centre wound up operations as the $421 million redevelopment project drew to a close. Stockland was joined by Multiplex, Maitland City Council, local employers, employer services organisations, community groups and government departments, to celebrate the achievements of this important initiative.

Tim Beattie, Commercial Property General Manager Development and Design, said: “The Connectivity Centre was not just about finding and filling jobs for now, but providing the skills for later. We wanted to help people in this region be job ready for years to come and are very proud to see over 150 people placed in jobs through this positive employment initiative”.

The Green Hills Connectivity Centre built on the success of our collaboration with Multiplex at Shellharbour Connectivity Centre, which also helped hundreds of local people find employment as a result of the development. We will continue to work with our builder partners at our development projects to establish a broader local economic benefit resulting from our work.