Case Study

Foundation Fortnight

2 min
22 September 2017

We launched our CARE Foundation in 2015 to help improve the health, wellbeing and education of communities in and around our assets. When we surveyed shoppers in our local communities in 2015, we found that only 50 per cent of Stockland shoppers had heard of Redkite, with only 23 per cent aware of what they do. As few as 15 per cent of shoppers had heard of Touched by Olivia, with only eight per cent aware of what they do.

To increase awareness amongst both our employees and the broader community, we introduced an annual awareness raising campaign. Foundation Fortnight is a concentrated two-week period of targeted events and activations to promote awareness and raise funds for the Stockland CARE Foundation and our partners across all our retail, residential and retirement living assets and all our state offices. The purpose is to raise awareness of, and funds for, the Stockland CARE Foundation and our partners. From 21 October to 4 November 2016, our offices, centres and communities across Australia aimed to educate, promote and raise funds for our partners.

In our retail centres, we hosted ‘CARE Day’ on October 29 with a variety of activities including face painting, kite and butterfly origami and craft, cupcake decorating, scavenger hunts, branded balloons, jumping castles and other children’s entertainment for the local community to enjoy. CARE Foundation red kites and butterfly wings were available for purchase, with all proceeds going to our partners. Hoardings were decorated in centres with a CARE Foundation design, inviting customers to post pictures of their families enjoying CARE day with the hashtag #CareDay2016.

In seven of our retirement living villages, we hosted Grandparents Day, inviting friends and families to take part in a range of activities including face-painting to treasure hunts, kite-making and story time. Across our residential sales offices, we provided colouring-in books and kite making activities and small seedlings gifts for prospective residents. For a gold coin donation, customers could read about the Foundation and its cause whilst their children coloured in a Touched by Olivia colouring book or made and decorated a kite.

In support of the campaign, Stockland and our employees, customers, residents and partners contributed more than $250,000 for Stockland CARE Foundation’s charity partners. These funds give 50 families across Australia access to the full suite of Redkite cancer support services for one year, and enables Touched by Olivia to assess an additional 80 inclusive playspace sites across Australia.