High performance retirement living

2 min
25 August 2020

Opened in September 2019, Stockland Newport Retirement Living (Qld) joined Stockland Shine Retirement Village (Qld) in achieving a 4 star Green Star Design & As Built v1.1 rating.

Our Newport and Shine retirement villages are the first two retirement living projects in Australia to be certified using the Green Star Design & As Built rating tool, demonstrating our commitment to incorporate best practice sustainable design across energy, water and innovation, as well as create highly connected and accessible communities that enhance liveability.

The Newport coastal-inspired development provides resort-style living, with all apartments built to Livable Housing Australia’s Silver standard to provide assurance that homes are easier to access, navigate and live in, as well more cost effective to adapt when circumstances change. The apartments integrate passive design principles such as natural ventilation and passive heating/cooling, which actively reduces energy demand while improving comfort and wellbeing.

All electric appliances, including reverse cycle air conditioning, are energy efficient, and the site utilises an embedded electricity network to help residents
save money on their electricity bills. There is also an efficient centralised site-wide hot water system and an air-sourced heat pump for the swimming pool. These features have helped to achieve an average NatHERS rating of 8 stars across all apartments. In keeping with Stockland’s aim to combat water scarcity, all fixtures have been hand-picked for their WELS rating, including shower heads, taps and toilets. In addition, drip irrigation technology and air conditioning systems based on waterless heat rejection technology (no cooling towers) help to reduce the site’s water consumption while also enabling our residents to make savings on their water bills.

Not only are all apartments energy and water efficient, but they are also healthy and enjoyable spaces in which to live. All kitchen exhausts discharge externally, helping remove cooking smells and moisture from the home which can result in the build-up of mould and lead to adverse health effects. We have also specified low VOC paints and carpets to improve indoor air quality.

We believe Newport’s high-performance apartments provide our residents with appropriate thermal comfort, positively impacting their overall health and wellbeing. We know that health and wellbeing is also enhanced by connection to nature and to community. Residents report that coastal views and regular social catch-ups at the community centre are highlights of the development.