Case Study

Increasing contractor awareness via the Supply Chain Sustainability School

2 min
21 August 2019

As part of the Sustainability Schedule, which launched in FY19, we identified a key objective of raising the sustainability awareness of our key contractors,. Working collaboratively with our contractors ensures we can not only improve the sustainability outcomes at our communities, but more broadly in the property industry.

For maximum impact, we needed the learnings to be simple, scalable, and efficient, delivered in a way that was easily accessible to our contractors. To achieve this, we worked with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to develop free, interactive learning modules, that are easily accessed via their website. Contractors can complete the mobile-friendly modules on-the-go, allowing them to engage with the content as it suits their individual and team needs.

Head Contractors are first required to complete a self-assessment, which is designed to help them assess their current sustainability knowledge, and identify areas of improvement for their organisation. From there, they are required to participate in the Stockland Sustainability Induction, Sustainable Procurement, and Human Rights and Modern Slavery e-learning modules available on the site (

If the Contractor is also involved in delivering Stockland’s Built Form, they are required to complete the additional module on ‘Livable Housing’. They can also choose to engage with a variety of resources available on the site, including modules on waste, biodiversity, climate change adaptation, and local economy and community.

To further maximise the impact of our collaboration with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, the ‘Sustainability Induction’ and ‘Livable Housing’ modules have been designed to enable Stockland to access Skills Development and Industry Capacity Building Credits in the Green Building Council’s Communities Green Star Tool, making it easier for Stockland teams to deliver Green Star projects as part of our wider business strategy relating to Green Star certifications.

As part of the process, we intend to deliver a survey to all those Contractors who completed the modules as part of working on Stockland Masterplan Communities. This will enable us to track the benefits of the modules and identify any potential improvements and other areas of supplier awareness that we could address.