Case Study

Mates in Construction accreditation for Green Hills

2 min
22 September 2017

Construction is a crucial component of our supply chain and involves close partnerships with contractors and local communities. Construction activities present a number of risks requiring sound management, and mental health on construction sites has emerged as an important industry safety concern. Construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than through a workplace accident. To support mental health at its worksites, we have been working with Mates in Construction, an independent charity working on suicide prevention in construction.

Over the past financial year, Stockland Green Hills (NSW) become our first accredited Mates in Construction site. The accreditation involved 192 employees participating in one-hour suicide awareness training, and eleven employees participating in half- or two-day workshops aimed at developing higher levels of support skills. The training has confirmed the importance of “looking out for your mates” on site and has equipped workers with skills necessary to recognise concerns before it is too late.