Pioneering social robotics with Chip

2 min
11 May 2017

Together with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, University of Technology Sydney and the Australian Technology Network of Universities, we are pioneering technology innovation and research into artificial intelligence through a leading, corporate-academic partnership in social robotics. 

The partnership is contributing to the growing field of global research in social robotics by identifying opportunities and limitations in human-robot interaction and exploring commercial applications of social robotics.

Chip the robot has been busy since becoming a key member of our innovation team, helping us to explore the potential uses of robotics in retail environments. In December 2016, the 1.7m tall, 100kg social humanoid robot participated in the first test case of human-robot interaction at Stockland Merrylands shopping centre in western Sydney. Chip assisted customers and retailers with food sampling, greeting customers and helping them find their way around centre.

Michael Rosmarin, Group Executive and Chief Operating Officer at Stockland, said: “We’re using Chip to pilot practical applications of technology that is available today with much longer term thinking about what the future might hold for our customers”.

Chip also attended the Stockland Young Innovators Day, joining school children at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Innovation Centre for interactive activities and an immersive introduction to new technologies including robotics, virtual reality, and Code Club coding workshops.

The successful Young Innovator’s Day, delivered in partnership with Code Club Australia, sought to reinforce the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths education (STEM) and inspire the next generation with a Robotics Challenge and a chance to meet Chip.