Stockland chosen for Zero Net Carbon Home pilot in Victoria

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05 December 2018

Alongside our new commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2030 across our logistics and retirement living portfolios, we are also focused on how to help our residential customers enjoy the benefits of low carbon living. We are partnering with the Victorian Government to achieve this through a two-year program to build Zero Net Carbon Homes.

The high efficiency and low emissions in a Zero Net Carbon Home could substantially reduce energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around six tonnes a year, according to modelling by Sustainability Victoria.

During phase one of the program, Stockland will construct two Zero Net Carbon Homes – one in our Braybrook residential community and one in our Highlands residential community  that meet stringent design requirements. Design features are likely to include higher insulation levels, double glazing, high-efficiency heating and cooling, water heating and lighting systems, and rooftop solar panels.

James Westh, Stockland Project Director for Highlands, said he and his team were very proud to be selected for the program. “I believe it consolidates our position as a sustainability leader in the industry,” he said. “By working with the Victorian Government, we can be part of the long-term vision for driving large-scale development of high-quality, efficient housing.’’

Phase two will see us work with Sustainability Victoria to develop a sophisticated marketing and sales strategy using demographic and market research data. Paul Keleher, Stockland Regional Manager for Retirement Living and Residential Homes Development, said, “The marketing phase of the program will be a valuable learning experience for our sales staff as we gain a better understanding of how to best promote sustainability in our marketing materials.”

Finally, the program will evaluate the collective experience of the design, sales and performance of the Zero Net Carbon Homes. Evaluation serves to track progress against the overarching recommendations of the program, enable collective learning, and supports the broader industry transformation to low carbon living. 

The program is an excellent opportunity for Stockland to further its capacity to deliver high quality and low emissions housing with reduced energy costs for our communities. Doing so contributes to our purpose of creating a better way to live.


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