Case Study

Technical on-boarding in Sales, Project Management and Development

2 min
21 September 2018

Effective induction processes allow for new starters to quickly learn how to contribute to business objectives and where to access the information required to do their jobs. To enhance the consistency and effectiveness of training provided to new starters across our business, we developed a series of technical on-boarding courses for staff working in Sales, Project Management and Development.

The courses are designed to be delivered online to enable flexible and timely delivery for new starters whenever they commence employment. They contain three modules to cover an introduction to the relevant area of the business, an overview of customers and stakeholders, and a description of processes, tools and systems.

Our new Learning Management System enables our learning and development team to automatically assign the e-learning modules to all new starters in the relevant department. Managers can also assign the training to their teams regardless of whether they are new to the organisation or not.

We engaged subject matter experts from the business to collate the content so that all the important information for new starters would be available for them in these courses. The material will be reviewed and updated regularly, with ongoing collaboration between the business and Learning department on the content.

Hundreds of employees had completed the modules within the first three months and they have also proven popular for team members interested in learning about other areas and the way they operate.

Further benefits of the consistent application of the on boarding modules are as follows:

  • Reduction in time spent by managers explaining the basics to new starters
  • Greater awareness of new starters with the business and stakeholders
  • Availability of information as a reference document for follow up.