'Zero emission' community place

2 min
14 December 2016

We recently opened one of Australia’s most sustainable project homes at our Willowdale residential community in south west Sydney. The aim of the home, Willowdale Community Place, is to make a positive influence on the thousands of customers who build a new home every year, appealing to them at that critical point when they are deciding what to build.

Willowdale Community Place is a two-storey family home that’s been designed, built and recently certified to the 8 star NatHERS rating. This rating means the house can achieve close to net zero emissions through a range of energy-saving and ecologically sustainable features.

All of the 'eco' features, fittings and inclusions are commercially available to ensure all of our project home build partners across Australia can replicate the key sustainable features of the home.

To include all of the primary energy savings features that have been built into the Willowdale 'zero emissions house' would generally add around $16,000 to $20,000 to the cost of building a new home. It is likely that new home owners will be able to recoup that cost in energy savings within five to seven years, with long-term cost savings continuing in perpetuity.

Willowdale is one of seven masterplanned communities that have recently achieved the Green Building Council of Australia’s 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating, which recognises world leadership across a wide range of environmental, economic and social sustainability measures.

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