Maintaining wellness in office spaces and retail

19 December 2023

Australians are spending more time in communal work spaces looking for connection, shared moments and authentic interactions so it’s more important than ever to ensure consumer and employee comfort and safety. Here’s how the WELL Health-Safety Rating is helping build confidence in our work spaces as safe and comfortable places that can spark uplifts in affinity and loyalty.


Wellness in office and retail

As more Australians seek communities that support the things that matter most – health, wellbeing, lifestyle, family and friendships – Stockland is redefining what it means work in a human-centered space.

Health and wellbeing is now one of the most important elements of building design – the creation of happier, healthier and more productive spaces for the conscious consumer.

We’re using the WELL Health-Safety Rating to prioritise the health and wellness of our building occupants and our employees in all of our workplaces.

A WELL seal of approval is a big tick of confidence for our customers, ensuring they feel comfortable spending more time in our workplaces and making it a more enjoyable experience.

Achieving a WELL Health-Safety Rating in our buildings is a rigorous process. Some of the strategies we have implemented are visible – like keeping spaces clean and sanitised – while others are less so, like having best practice emergency procedures in place and ensuring we have high-quality clean air and water.

Here are just some of the ways we’re making our work places healthier and more attractive to our tenants and customers.

Better emergency management plan

Our emergency management plan will ensure Stockland can better respond to unexpected disruptions and recover for a more resilient future. The plan includes risk assessments, occupant drills and better emergency communications to improve coordination and safety during emergency situations. The plan must be reviewed and updated annually.

Better air and water quality

Better ventilation reduces the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne contagious diseases. So, we’re improving air filtration, providing adequate ventilation and fresh air in our retail centres for better comfort and health. We regularly monitor air and water quality and conduct inventories of all filters and equipment to ensure everything is well maintained. As part of achieving the rating, we have developed a Legionella management plan that includes regular monitoring and sampling of water systems to reduce any risk.

Improving cleaning practices

We have a thorough cleaning operations plan that includes instructions, training and record keeping to increase the efficiency of our cleaning procedures. The design of our spaces helps to minimise high-touch surfaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. We’re also ensuring better hand washing protocols.

Safer cleaning products

We use low-hazard cleaning products that are better for indoor air quality and the people using the products.

We’ll continue to incorporate health and wellbeing strategies into our workplaces to deliver healthier and happier spaces for our communities to really thrive.