Stockland streamlining and future-proofing the modern workplace with digital innovation

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14 July 2022
At Stockland, we are accelerating our implementation of workplace technological infrastructure to ensure our emerging flagship properties provide platinum-standard digital connectivity.


It has always been important for us to provide our customers with workplace technology infrastructure that allows their business and staff to thrive.

We understand that the modern workplace is constantly evolving and the digital needs of our customers need to meet the highest standards and be enabled for future-proofing.

The pandemic created shifts in the way business and staff connect digitally and we have followed those shifts to optimise our workplaces through an increased focus on providing leading-edge technology.

This provision of excellence will allow our customers to secure and streamline their digital business operations. As such, seamless environmental navigation and connection will increase occupant wellbeing, flexibility and productivity.

Stockland’s connected workplace of the future

Such accelerated digital innovation is exemplified in our plans for several emerging flagship sites including M_Park in Macquarie Park, our Piccadilly Complex redevelopment and Affinity Place in North Sydney.

Plans for M_Park are particularly advanced, with the A-grade office space site at 11 Khartoum Road already receiving a Platinum WiredScore Certification – the highest such rating – which provides in-depth independent assurance that tenant technology infrastructure needs meet strict provisions.

Stockland senior development manager – Commercial Property John Gude says WiredScore is an internationally recognised digital connectivity certification system that helps assess and benchmark buildings. “The WiredScore Certification is a relatively new rating system that looks at the robustness of a building’s built or planned digital facilities,” says John.

“Achieving WiredScore’s highest certification underscores our commitment to the needs of our occupiers and gives them confidence in the technology infrastructure we are delivering at M_Park.”

John says this diligence means prospective tenants can avoid the time and cost involved in such a process. “If they know we have been independently certified with the WiredScore Platinum rating, they do not have to rely on a consultant to do the all the due diligence investigations around our building’s mobile and wireless performance, access readiness, building infrastructure and electrical resiliency. They know a great digital experience will be delivered on the site they are leasing.”

Smart backbone buildings

Stockland project director – Commercial Property, Frank Ianni, says at M_Park the design starts with the building elements. “Basically, we're setting up the building with an integrated network backbone structure that allows a whole range of, physical connections that allow both our building to operate and our tenants to tap into an integrated communications network,” says Frank.

“Generally, when we design a building from the start our aim is always to ensure that we have the right digital infrastructure that can support customers working in various ways. “For some organisations, security for their data centre or access to our data centre will be paramount, whereas clients that require co-working spaces will need different tweaks to the technology. Our core infrastructure elements allow for varied types of usage depending on individual customer needs. ”

Three key pillars of the modern workplace

At Stockland, our vision for our workplace properties is driven by three key pillars; being ESG, technology and wellness. These are inevitably related and intertwined. At M_Park and other developments, we are focussed on delivering best-in-class solutions for all three.

Frank Ianni says ESG and technology overtly overlap at M_Park in energy management systems. “We're offering a building management system that has a range of smart initiatives which includes the capability to manage the temperature, lighting and air quality in zones to certain parameters and at a quite sophisticated level relative to a ‘standard’ office building,” he says.

“If we look at ESG and technology, it’s really about what information customers can get from the building system to help their organisation to be more productive and efficient. And that is a combination of elements relating to the environment they occupy.

“Our business adheres strongly to sustainability principals, as do our customers. Businesses are increasingly interested in their energy usage, their water usage, waste management, and recycling. Through our technology we’re able to provide a lot of data. We will have PV on the roof and even an on-site electrical embedded network capable of providing electricity to customers with Net Zero targets.

“Employees are also conscious of carbon footprints and they like to be part of buildings that strive to assist best practice. They feel invested in such buildings and want to work there. They get a sense of wellbeing from occupying a building that's doing more than just providing a desk, chair and workstation.

“At M_Park we are Targeting 6 Star Green Star and 5 Star NABERS ratings, and when completed we’ll be all electric- and carbon-neutral and applying to be Core Gold level WELL Certified™. So, our sustainability credentials are going be very strong.”


An app for that? But of course!

Software, too, will of course play a pivotal role throughout M_Park, both in terms of building management and to enhance the lives of occupants. Many new innovations are planned to be rolled-out including contactless tenant access and vertical people movement, smart parking, EV charging and smart lockers.

John Gude, says an M_Park App is in development that will greatly enhance the journey and experience of tenants and visitors. “Smart phones will provide building access, local community information, transport information, car parking space availability, desk management, and ESD data,” he says.

“We will have a tenant directory and are also working on incorporating digital wayfinding through BindiMaps which will eventually cover the whole M_Park precinct.”

With 5G and Wi-Fi across the precinct, including the parklands, seamless connectivity is at hand with blanket internet coverage.

“Having the connectivity that enables people to work anywhere on site is a great advantage, whether it be in a café, a lobby, our outside,” says John. “We have a 2,500 square metre park, and people can transition from working in the office to those areas seamlessly.”


Better working through technology

We at Stockland strive to make our customers’ experience as easy and enjoyable as we can, and this extends to enhance the user experience through helpful technologies.

 “So there’s the overall experience,” says Frank. “And then specifically we ask ‘How can we make people’s whole work life journey better through technology?’ ‘How can our smart buildings make it a great experience?’. That is what we are committed to.

“In a sense it’s a real step-change because the office is no longer nine-to-five, turn up just to work. The office is a place to collaborate, to connect, to socialise, and to feel to good. That’s the environment we're trying to create and technology is a large part of that. It’s an evolution of the workplace.”

Stockland will continue to strive to bring the smartest and most helpful technology solutions to our properties, for the benefits of our customers. As Frank concludes; “As a leader in the marketplace we need to ensure our customers can rely on us to future-proof our properties.

“Our overarching principle with technology has always been about the customer and what makes the user experience better. So everything that we try and implement is to enhance that environment.

“When it’s time to move, we want people to say ‘We want to move into a Stockland asset because we'll know we get all these technological benefits. Technology moves very quickly so there is a lot to consider, but with our latest developments we think we are really setting the standard.”